Fitted Home Office Studies


Home Office space have become more of a requirement in the last few years. Creating a usable space that joins productivity and design together, whiles maximising the storage space and which is separate from the rest of the living areas. Whether it’s a dedicated room, an unused space under the stairs or small alcove in the lounge, Finewood Interiors are able to design a fitted home office space for you, with all the practical and without compromising on the style. Adding colour and inspired decorative features and lighting can create a more enjoyable, motivating atmosphere to work in.

With a vast range of bespoke colour options and finishes available, designing your perfect home office furniture is an ideal way of injecting a little personality into your home. Built-in storage options for both functional and decorative purposes can also help you keep a clear mind. Display books and meaningful mementoes by using a mixture of open and closed shelving, allowing you to utilise every last inch of space.

If you are short on space, converting a previously unused area under the staircase into a study area, with bespoke fitted drawers and shelves are always a great solution.


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